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Hollywood Unnecessarily Embellishes the Real Tale of Secretariat {Fanhouse - Kevin Blackistone}

Oct 14th 2010 12:27AM

I saw it - and while there were several times I had to bite my hand to keep from protesting at rather obvious embellishments, I think it's a nice contribution to the sport.

The major problems I had were that his two-year-old campaign was virtually ignored (dude, he was freakin' HORSE OF THE YEAR. At TWO) and poor Riva Ridge, who was an amazing horse in his own right, was totally ignored. Plus the villianization of Sham, who was a great horse that would have likely won the Triple Crown, had Secretariat not been present. And while Meadow Stables was struggling when Penny Tweedy took the reins, it wasn't nearly that dire. Plus, the coin toss - it's not even close to what happened. The agreement was that Hasty Matelda and Somethingroyal, both owned by Meadow Stables, would be bred to Bold Ruler - the top sire of the time. After they foaled in 1969, Somethingroyal was bred to Bold Ruler, and Cicada was bred in place of Hasty Matelda - but she came up barren. The winner of the coin toss got the first choice of the first pair of foals - the loser got first choice in the second pair, but since there was only one in the second pair, the winner was the one who really lost out. In August 1969, the coin was flipped, and Phipps won. He took the Somethingroyal foal, a filly who went on to be named The Bride and couldn't run worth a lick. Meadows Stable got the Hasty Matelda foal and Somethingroyal's 1970 foal - Secretariat. I think real life was more dramatic than the movie on that one.

Former Baywatch star is Conan the Barbarian {AOL TV}

Jan 24th 2010 4:07PM

YES!!! This is exactly what I hoped for when I saw the title! Jason Momoa would be great at this - it wouldn't be terribly different from his role on "Stargate: Atlantis" as Ronan Dex (derisively referred to as Conan by the character McKay). I've had no interest in this before, but I might just see it now!

Gordon Ramsay is in hot water, as his business goes down in flames {DailyFinance}

Dec 14th 2009 7:15PM

You know, he's seriously exaggerated on the US shows - if you would bother watching his UK shows, the original "Kitchen Nightmares" and "The F Word" you would see an entirely different side to him. Does he tend to overuse language? Absolutely. Can he be harsh? Yep. But he's really not as bad as American television makes him out to be.

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