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Jennifer Aniston Sheer-ly Shows It All Off (Photo) {PopEater}

Jun 22nd 2011 3:26PM

I guess we'd better stop wearing our see-through beachwear since it may end up on a blog somewhere. This is a big deal why? These bloggers really need to lead that woman alone. It's freaking sweltering outside, I'd be wearing the least amount as possible also.

Teacher Says She Doesn't Regret Punching Student in Face {ParentDish}

Jun 6th 2011 2:36PM

I'm glad they found her innocent, and I hope they give her her job back. The kids in school are too violent today, and the system is failing to keep the teachers safe. Not only that, parents expect teachers to be babysitters but don't reprimand students when they misbehave in class. Parents do YOUR jobs, don't expects teachers to be babysitters and education your children at the same time. Teaching starts at home, teach your children self respect, respect for others and stop blaming everyone when your child does wrong.

Jennifer Aniston's Rep: Actress Not Dating Justin Theroux {PopEater}

May 23rd 2011 2:13PM

Aren't you that Gay dude that wanted to borrow Jolie's nude colored dress from last year?

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