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BowWow Reveals He's a Father to Baby Girl {PopEater}

Jul 8th 2011 1:05PM

Here's a thought: how about using protection? How many "unplanned" babies does he plan to have? This is getting so old. If men don't want babies and the drama of babies mamas then protect yourself.

Jennifer Aniston Makes A Permanent Mark On Hollywood (Photos) {PopEater}

Jul 8th 2011 12:37PM

I don't get it. Jennifer Aniston is limited in her craft. She is more of a personality than a talent. I don't even pretend to know about her personal life which is of no consequense. What do you have to achieve to get a star on the Walk of Fame? Do you collect signatures and pay for the honor or what? Who decides which entertainers/personalities are honored?

Check Out Michaele Salahi's Debut 'Bump It' Performance (Video) {PopEater}

Jul 1st 2011 11:37AM

This is a big joke isn't it? This woman need professional help. Is there a diagnosis in the DSM IV for her condition?

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