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Lindsay Can't Afford Rehab; Looking for a Sponsor {PopEater}

Oct 25th 2010 10:34PM

Great idea...or let her buttocks sit in jail for the duration. Quite frankly I have heard enough about this sad sack. There are more important things in life than to read about losers on drugs.

Angie Dickinson: Mothering a Daughter with Asperger's {ParentDish}

Sep 30th 2010 8:36PM were a great mother. Do not keep beating yourself up. You did a super job especially not knowing what was wrong. You knew something was not quite right, and you kept looking for answers. That is what responsible parents do. You are a lovely lady who had a beautiful young lady for a daughter. Remember the times that made her smile .... that made you smile. You are a good person as was your daughter and your husband. God Bless you. Thank you for sharing your emotional story.

Volvo Suffers Another Auto-Stop Safety System Failure In Public Fashion {Translogic}

Sep 30th 2010 1:07PM

Who is the President and what is the address? I need to write to them and have looked on line and cannot find the mailing address or email address for the President. I have concerns also with regards to things overlooked while under warranty.

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