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'Spider-Man' Producer Laura Ziskin Passes Away {PopEater}

Jun 14th 2011 1:22AM

Les Henderson, the guy who posted the above, is the idiot who thinks that by making this stupid of a statement he is cool. Les Henderson is a registered sex offender in 5 states. That explains everything.

Donald Trump Lashes Out at Jerry Seinfeld Over Charity Event {PopEater}

Apr 22nd 2011 9:50AM

J. Seinfeld is a simple no talent butt clown who got lucky because he had a great supporting cast. His parts of his show were justbplain bad. As a citizen of the USA, trump has not only the right but because of his stature the responsibility to question our leaders? What has Obama done? Slept with his wife in the Lincoln bedroom is going to be his legacy.

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