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10 most overpriced products you should avoid {WalletPop}

Sep 28th 2010 12:05AM

thanks for the tip on water, but I already knew that. AND when I make coffee with bottled water, it tastes much better. I only do it for company tho

Bridal Debate -- Would You Wear a Red Dress on Your Wedding Day? {Lemondrop}

Sep 27th 2010 10:44PM

red wedding dress............hmmmmmm...... intriguing...I like it, in smooth shiny satin, with black pearls, but what kind of bouquet? Help me out here..

Octomom Yard Sale: Nadya Suleman Sells Used Bras, Bikinis {StyleList (Main)}

Sep 27th 2010 10:25PM

I get discouraged at all the haters and ignorant people out there. Yes, I agree that this woman and her innocent children will probably go on welfare, and yes, at taxpayers expense, but seriously, she needs help. A therapist, psychiatrist, counselor, etc. I can't imagine the pain her and her children are going to go through. Have a heart people, there but for the grace of god go YOU.

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