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Madonna's Daughter Is 'Like A Virgin 2.0' {PopEater}

Sep 3rd 2009 12:44AM

in response to paymyownway;
Do you know Madonna or or daughter personally? I doubt it. what you know is the image that was put out to sell records and concert tickets. Calling someone a tramp and badmouthing their parenting style is pretty judgemental and ignorant when all your info is coming from tabloids and other media. growing up in the world she is growing up in may be providing this 12 year old girl with a better grip on what's real and what's make believe than you have yourself

Levi Johnston: Palin Planned 'Secret' Adoption {Politics Daily}

Sep 2nd 2009 7:50PM

This loser is merely trying to stretch out his 15 minutes - and at the expense of his child's well being. Doesn't he realize his child will read and be affected by his comments some day? Probably too busy cashing his checks. I am most certainly not a Palin supporter, but this is riduculous. I say on to other news.....

Bob McDonnell's Old, Old Thoughts on Bad, Bad Women {Politics Daily}

Sep 2nd 2009 7:34PM

isn't the FAIR thing to do to inform the voters regarding findings that indicate their candidate's standing and beliefs?? Politicians,in their quest to be "polictally correct", rarely give an honest full disclosure regarding some important issues. It is our job as responsible voters then, to investigate and use any information we can find - such as a paper written by a 34 year old man written with passion and convinction. Obviously the writer has an opinion - but does that dictate ours? If so, then there are more issues than just "fairness" here. Most educated adults should know not to believe everything you read and not to let the press decide what you do with your ballot.

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