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The Old Spice Man Through The Ages {PopEater}

Feb 28th 2010 6:41AM

Damn I'm sexy.

Why a Real 'Year of the Bible' Would Horrify Its Sponsors {Politics Daily}

Jun 24th 2009 3:46PM

Jayandtiti - you have every right to believe whatsoever you choose. No one should shove religion don't your throat, or what not. But what is bad about haing a year of the Bible? It's Ok to have black history month, celebrating the African American nation, yet some think it would be a bad thing to have a year honoring those who love and worship the God of the Bible. Most of the founding fathers were protestants. The US government was formed originally by descendants of people who fled England for the right to worship Jehovah without being told they could not have their own Bibles, could not worship on their own, had to do it per King's design. This country as based on religion, and not any religion, Christianity. I realize that has changed over the centuries, but it used to be so much so that even witches were publically burned because they rose up in darkness to fight good. Once we were like the Hebrews of old, having our own place to worship God and be free in love and comfort. There was little evil to speak of here. But due to political correctness and the seeping in of evil people over time, this nation has even strayed from calling itself a Christian nation. Would it be such a bad thing to honor for one year where we came from? Even if it did offend some Satanists who hate everything good? I'm not trying to cram my religion down your throat, but couldn't you honor people like me, just for the sake of being civil and showing decency for what this nation once was and stood for? Please?

The First Ladies Wore White: Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni in France {BV on Style}

Jun 8th 2009 5:46PM

Word. Kelly. Weren't those all promises made by our lovely, new President, as I recall?


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