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Celine Dion Proudly Shows Off Her 4-Month-Old Twins {PopEater}

Feb 17th 2011 1:43PM

WOW, They are beautiful babies, so is lil R, he is a beautiful boy. Thank you Celine and Rene for sharing.

Iconic Woodstock Couple Keeps Festival Spirit Alive {Spinner}

Aug 16th 2009 7:44PM

I was 15 at that time, and of course my mom wouldn't let me go either. But I was able to see the movie and get the album. After watching the movie 30 yrs later, once again, I'm actually glad mom didnt let me go. I can say it was an historical moment for love and peace. And I believe it may have created some more peace among the world, maybe. But, oh my, I dont think I could have slept or ate in that mess. And what a mess it was !! All that mud, the germs, the sickness, overdoses, the drugs, the vomiting, washing in the same water, oh ugg. I guess Im just a clean freak. Thanks mom, glad I listened to you.
Oh and btw the couple in the front of the album, I used to wonder whom that couple was, thanks for shareing that with us.

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