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Testy GOP, Heckler Confront Obama on Immigration, Energy, Gay Rights {Politics Daily}

May 26th 2010 4:43PM

2:40PM May 26th 2010

1. That huge national debt is what happens when you start(START!) two wars, and cut taxes, so you have no rescources to pay for those wars.THE DEMOCRATS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FANNY AND FREDDY.

2. Bought the banks...remember his bailout of late summer 2008? Remember, john McCain had to suspend his campaign to rush back to DC to vote for the bill? BO VOTED FOR IT TOO.

3. Lying about the Arizona Immigration bill? You watch too much Fox News. They are the folks lying. LINE BY LINE IT IS MORE FAIR AND LESS RACIST THAN THE FEDERAL LAW.

4. Admitted Communists appointed to Federal office. Name 1, come on. Name 1. Who self admits it, not Fox News calling them 1. DON'T YOU THINK IT WAS CUTE WHEN MAO'S PICTURE WAS PLACED ON THE W/O CHRISTMAS TREE

5. Failing to respond to the biggest environmental disaster ever. Really? You haven't been paying attention. Federal Government is all over down in N.O. TOOK OVER NINE DAYS FOR BO TO START TO DO DO SOMETHING. COULD YOU IMMAGINE IF W WOULD HAVE TAKEN THAT LONG FOR KATRINA?

Just for starts.... I have to get back to work.

Sarah Palin Attacked My High School -- Here's Why She's Wrong {Lemondrop}

May 20th 2010 8:53PM

Each side is talking past each other. What ever happened to the facts. Compare Federal law to AZ law line by line. Until you do that all you can do is praise or demean each other. Calling each other sweetie doesn't do anything. Having said that "Go Arizona....don't let them push you around. Most of America is with you".

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln's Voting Day Snafu {Politics Daily}

May 18th 2010 11:04PM

I am convinced by all the excellent arguments the libs have. They are so well intentioned and right to the point. When they call conservatives names it is done with good intention....NOT

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