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Singer and Rapper Ne-Yo Welcomes Baby Girl {PopEater}

Nov 15th 2010 10:05AM

Its ridiculous how appalled people are that this couple had their first child together but arent married. And yet look at how many kids Brad and Angelina have and have no intentions to tie the knot. If you ask me, they're the ones without morals because look at how they're relationship started. People get mad when black people throw the race card around but black people are still treated and perceived differently in everything we do. Not saying that all white people are racist just saying some of them still stereotype us even though white people do the same things we do and its really sad.

25 most dangerous neighborhoods 2010 {WalletPop}

Oct 4th 2010 1:52PM

Do you even live in MD? I do and yes Baltimore does have a high crime rate but the whole city isn't bad. I don't know what your talking about with the cruise lines. Carnival and Roylal Caribean have plenty of ships departing from there. I've never heard of people having their luggage stolen from there. Downtown is one of the safest places in the city. If you want to talk about something, talk about something real and that you know about personally.

Kobe Bryant Speaks the Truth After Winning Championship {Fanhouse NBA Blog}

Jun 18th 2010 9:55AM

I am really sick and tired of all the comments about Kobe being a rapist! There is a big difference between being a rapist and a cheater. Did he cheat on his wife? Yes. But he in no way raped that woman. Should have used better judgment? Of course. People need to stop bringing up the past and just accept the fact that he is the greatest player in the game right now. I was cheering for the Celtics but after reading this article I truly am happy for the Lakers. They deserve it. I agree with Richard as well. I watched the whole series and both teams played HARD! I found a new respect for both of them.

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