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Kim Kardashian's Wedding Will Be Royally 'Massive' {PopEater}

Aug 13th 2011 6:07PM

shes not in love with him,u can tell

NFLer Says Kim Kardashian 'Pursued' Him; Star 'Has No Idea Who This Guy Is' {PopEater}

Jun 8th 2011 5:03PM

hahaha ;oLiVa" hahaha just a family
KIM IS TAKING HIM JUST TO HAVE MORE THEN KHLOE THE OTHER MONEY GRABBER! why do u guys fall for this? they dare cook or clean or be on mommy duty! ahhh i guess its all about arm candy...&&&& KIM DID CHEAT or she wouldnt of responded to this! YOUR BEAT KIM

Jesse James: People Won't Be Happy Unless I 'Kill Myself or Disappear' {PopEater}

May 10th 2011 8:40AM

jesse,please don't feel that way, we ALL do wrong things in life so we live & hopefully learn. you dont need a beautiful woman on ur arm to feel better! take the time (alone) get in tune with not talk of killing yourself or disappearing. things can only get better.believe me i been living with my man leaving me with 6 kids for 7 yrs now,i dont let no guy in until i am takes time.

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