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Bethenny Frankel's Mom Refutes 'Toxic' Childhood Claims {PopEater}

Jul 20th 2010 12:45AM

She's laughing all the way to the bank thanks to Reality TV.

LeBron James Interested In 'Buying' $50 Million Miami Mansion {BV on Sports}

Jul 17th 2010 3:33PM

Lowell I'm all for baller dribblers, kickers, bouncers, etc, making a decent living even comfortable living. Don't tell me about watching their weight, practing dribbling, throwing, etc., when we have men and women watching their weight, getting up at 3:00 am, running miles, etc to make a penny on the dollar while serving this country. Risking one's life is a bit more serious than an ankle sprain (sorry). I know what goes into this crap my brother is a middle school, and high school basketball coach. In my opinion we focus too much on entertainment in this country and our focus needs to be on other things like education, war, etc. Only a moron would think it's wise for human beings with nothing to support human being with everything. I live a comfortable lifestyle (100,00+/year) but I can not justify spending any of it on individuals who make 20 million a year for kicking, bouncing, or hitting a ball. Live and let live. If you are comfortable supporting these people by all means get season tickets. The truth is the truth as Americans we cry about CEO's making millions why am I wrong for crying about athletes making millions. Atleast the CEO may have provided me with a loan, a house, some food, utilities, clothing, or something other than entertainment.

LeBron James Interested In 'Buying' $50 Million Miami Mansion {BV on Sports}

Jul 17th 2010 7:49AM

The salaries and life styles are ridiculous for bouncing a ball for a living. I do not attend professional sporting events and have not since atleast 1998. I don't get it why do human beings that make 100,000 and less a year continue to support ball bouncers, kickers, hitters, etc that make 5 million a year. If the average fan would stop going to sporting events paying ridiculous prices for tickets,
beer, and snacks the salaries would not be so ridiculous. Think about it, the average citizen works approximately 45-50 weeks a year and make way less than ballars who play for a season. Americans should chose several days as a group across the contry and forgo arenas as a wake up call to owners and the ridiculous salaries. The salaries are a slap in the face to every hard working American from physicians to school maintenance. The Lees (Spike), Kardashians, Seinfields, etc., (celebs) can support the industry
since they are in the same tax bracket but the average joe needs to wake up. Not a hater.............. just a realistic.

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