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Chinese Tourist Vandalizes Egyptian Temple, Pisses Off China {Gadling}

May 28th 2013 12:44AM

So they paid to send him to Egypt, so he could view important historical artifacts - but he didn't know that because they are important and historical they shouldn't be defaced?

Highest Priced Home Listing in U.S. -- $190 Million in Greenwich, Conn. {AOL Real Estate}

May 21st 2013 10:01PM

Love your comments Curtis! Ditto..

Ariel Castro's Cleveland Home Becomes a 'Tourist Destination' {AOL Real Estate}

May 17th 2013 6:34PM

Hey, this is America - land of commerce and capitalism - start selling those T-shirts to the "lookyloos" and pieces of the house on E-Bay. You'll be able to move to a better neighborhood with the money you make.

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