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Affordable Luxury at Wal-Mart: We're in Love (Really!) {Shelterpop}

Oct 15th 2009 11:19AM

I work (or I should say WORKED) in an industry that has nothing to do with products made in China or anywhere else. I was recently laid off. And I shop at WalMart because that's where I can afford to go. Not everyone has had the opportunities that apparently you haters have had to strike it rich early, invest, save or otherwise be independently wealthy - and in this economy, if you are still able to pay your bills even though you've been laid off, you ARE wealthy.

A side of hypocrisy: Burger King and Fox mock Jessica Simpson's weight {DailyFinance}

Oct 13th 2009 8:56PM

It's funny in a closed-circle, locker room kind of way. It's NOT funny to attack her this way, and so publicly. Put yourself in her position. For cryin' out loud, give the girl a break. All you people who claim to hate her so much, if you ignore her, she will fade out of the spotlight. Then you don't have to be reminded that she exists.

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