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Effects of Premature Birth Felt into Adulthood {ParentDish}

Jul 2nd 2011 1:35AM

I think someone had an agenda when they did this ' study'. ' why spend all those resources on them? They'll never be productive citizens, so just let them die.'

I was a preemie, or 'runt' as my parents have called me. I had respiratory problems and was on life support. The hospital gave me a 40% chance to live. I was sent home to die. I had the learning difficulties and social difficulties which I chalk up to anxiety disorders &/or ADHD, but have no 'official' diagnoses. I now have my high school diploma and 3 other diplomas, two of them being in the healthcare field. I am currently not in school because of finances, but am planning to return soon. Still working on the social skills, though.

Facebook, PayPal Entrepeneur Pays Kids to Drop Out of College {ParentDish}

May 27th 2011 6:29PM

I didn't look at it as being paid to drop out, I saw it as someone giving interested parties financial aid to start a business.

Chelsea Handler Admits Abortion at 16, Loathes '16 and Pregnant' {PopEater}

May 25th 2011 4:27PM

' That makes me want to kill someone!' Sure, go ahead! You already killed your own child - why stop there? You can call it a 'post birth-abortion'.

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