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Penelope Cruz Kisses Meryl Streep Every Time She Sees Her {PopEater}

Dec 3rd 2009 12:01PM

Penelope Cruz is an exquisite woman and actress. She has outstanding talents that remind me of a young Sophia Loren.

Jury Selected in Travolta Extortion Trial {PopEater}

Sep 22nd 2009 8:38AM

The term "Special" is referenced here of a delay in development in some way,...either physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. It is no way implies that this child was any "better (special)" than anyone else's child (except to his own family.) It is an indication that this child might have had a different route in his education to overcome his difficulties.
The conversation, however, is to express the pain and sorrow that this family is enduring at their loss. It certainly is far more involved and in the news more than someone who did not have parents with recognizable names.
The sad part is that as a parent of a "Special" child, you suffer the "death" of your expected "Normal" child when they are diagnosed. To have to suffer their actual death is unapproachable in understanding. And you have certainly NOT shown any empathy for these parents and sister for their loss, much less for just someone of the human race.

Kids Crooked House {Shopping Articles Blog}

Jun 25th 2009 10:21AM

C'mon, Guys!!! With 8 kids in the house, SOMEONE has to take charge. Kate kept order. (Perhaps a little over zealously.) Kate kept those kids clean and fed very well. No garbage. (A lollipop was a real treat for them.) And Kate directed Jon when he was not interested in what the BEST thing to do for the kids should be. ("Jon, take the hands of THREE...I've got FIVE.!") Those kids have stayed SAFE. No one has been to the hospital for injuries. (It sure would have been reported.) And Kate was teaching them responsibilities when she asked them to be SURE their favorite Snuggle toy was packed for a trip...or risk being WITHOUT it.
Yes. She was HARSH at times. But if Jon was unhappy (as MOST of us would have been with her attitude) then he should have said something, been direct, and nipped it in the bud EARLY ON. He has displayed his lack of maturity and responsibility and needs to re-evaluate his stance. CHEATING and DIVORCE are not the answer. Kids aren't stupid. They will surely see these shows later when they are older and KNOW what the truth is. He's risking more than just a marriage here. His bond with his children may be severely damaged when they learn the truth. I repeat... CHEATING and DIVORCE are not the answer. Leave the kids with Aunt Jody (yes, I said Aunt Jody. Repair that situation, too) and the TWO OF YOU GO AWAY ALONE. And TALK. Be honest and open with your feelings and your anger and GROW UP. FACE THE MUSIC and work it out. If you truly do everything for the kids, then this step should be simple for you. People who create (8) little lives, don't stop loving. They get angry but they still love each other beneath it all. You can get through this. QUIT THE SHOW. REPAIR THE MARRIAGE. RAISE YOUR CHILDREN TOGETHER. You all DESERVE it.!!!

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