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Truck Theft Suspect Travis Rose Sentenced for Camping on the Roof of a Florida Shoe Store {AOL Real Estate}

Sep 30th 2012 1:35PM

To Soli:

It seems as if you enjoy being the spelling and grammar nazi, however before you try it again, you might want to know how to spell correctly yourself. When correcting someone elses spelling or grammar, it is most important to actually pay attention to your own.
As far as the idiot with the tent, not much to say that will make a difference.Stealing and trespassing are illegal you deserve whatever you get.

Hugh Hefner Slaps Crystal Harris Playboy Cover With Scarlet Letter {PopEater}

Jun 17th 2011 1:39AM

Ralph Zuccaro..................... Jealous Much??

LeAnn Rimes on Bikini Photo: Those Are Abs, Not Bones {PopEater}

May 31st 2011 3:52PM

Why post a picture of yourself, knowing that you will have to defend yourself? Seems like on a HONEYMOON you would have better things to be doing that trying to gain attention from people you don't even know.

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