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Spiderwebs blanket Australian tourist stopover {Gadling}

Mar 7th 2012 2:54PM

I love the comment, those were all great questions! I would love to see some sort of study done on this..... oh and than than put a tent and some REALLY good bug bomb on the whole city after!! As cool looking as that is , it is still creepy!

Five visitation travel tips for divorced dads {Gadling}

Feb 7th 2011 1:51PM

I am a Mother who has been divorced and married again, I took the child support OUT of the situation altogether and my ex let my new husband adopt her AND he was able to visit or call as much as he wanted and or was able to afford. My daughter was made aware of the situation and was able to know that she was very lucky to have so many people to love and have so much more family.
I feel that there should NOT be child support!!!! I feel that it took 2 to make that child or children and that BOTH parents should be splitting the responsibilities EQUAL!!! NOT one parent trying to stay in control of the other by means of the wallet!! the only time that I feel child support in it's money form should be involved is if on parent lives in another state and can not help out in sitting after school or weekends or homework , or the everyday needs of children, or if the other parent is so unfit they should not be left with the child (such as abuse of any kind spousal or drug...) child support is more than money and now it is just more in my opinion about a free ride and control for MOST women than anything!!!

I can say this because my husband now was divorced and had one child his ex chose to do the child support thing and that was fine until she went to work for the family law division of the court house where their divorce and child support papers were held!!!! than suddenly when a man who pays $4,995 a year in child support who had been paying from 1 year of the divorce was hauled in to court and was told he was $8,300 BEHIND!!!! and another child support office in another state showed the errors to the court and HE STILL HAD TO PAY IT!!!! She also would NOT let him see his son !! So no I agree with the DADS on this! Sorry laddies , but that vindictiveness NEEDS TO BE PUT AWAY FOR YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN'S SAKE!!!!
I also believe that a DNA should be done at the time of birth! There are WAY too many ladies laying with anything other than their current husbands and boyfriends that just pick the guy with the conscience that will pay the meal ticket for the next 18 to 21 years and yes there are too many MEN that want to play the IT AIN'T MINE GAME and that would put a stop to that right there, and free up courts and tax payer money as well.

Arianna Huffington Removed From Plane After BlackBerry Feud {PopEater}

Jan 11th 2011 3:56PM

To Tiffany:: No BROWN NOSE I just happen to think that with all the
other CRAP going on right now we don 't need more dip**its like you
trying to "FEEL " like little heros because they tattled on something
so stupid when the guy in front of them may have been plotting some
REAL sh*t you know like 9/11???? , but we had to be busy breaking up
some playground like bs!!! Anymore ?'S???

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