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Eric Braeden Leaving 'The Young and the Restless' {Inside TV Blog}

Oct 11th 2009 4:36AM

Sony is making a huge error by losing this most dedicated actor, who has been an integral part of the show for years. Without Victor AND Nikki, I will no longer watch the show. They are key people who make the show interesting to watch. Lose Ted Shakleford, can't even think of his characters name it's that vague, as well as the woman who plays Gloria. Their story lines are so unbelievable and ridiculous, they add no interest to the show. I turn the channel when they are on! Keep Victor, he is a necessary character to this soap. Should have kept Colleen and axed Adam, he is too annoying to watch, major turn-off here. KEEP the actors that have made the show what it is today! Otherwise, you will lose viewers, old and new. The show will not carry w/o the veteran actors. Now that's reality!

Jon Gosselin: Kate Constantly Abused Me {PopEater}

Sep 10th 2009 1:17AM

Interesting how Kate when asked will never say where she goes when it's Jon's turn with the kids,while I understand her right to privacy,what about her childrens' right to their privacy? WHY is it okay for her to allow the media to invade their privacy much of the time, yet she can call the shots as to keeping her 'alone time' w/o the kids private. The paps sure don't have a hard time finding/following Jon when he's not with the kids. Not defending his recent behavior but she sure knows how to control things to her favor. For the kids sake they should both just be quiet and stop making a further mess of their marital problems for all the world,including their children down the road, to see! Kate has had better coaching than Jon as to how to win/retain the public's empathy and interest in them. Time to wrap it up though, people are tired of seeing them disrespecting not only each other but also their children in the process of all of this. They don't realize it is hurting their kids while they continue to do this. While they may not be saying anything and are looking somewhat happy at times, who knows how this will come out later on in their lives. They are all old enough now to remember things and J&K may be surprized in the future to find out just how much they really do recollect of this. Kids may be resilient but that doesn't mean they forget, especially watching the pain,stress,misery they have to be witnessing/experiencing behind closed doors where none of us or the cameras can see.

Kate Plus 8: Gosselin's Hair Twins {BV Hair Talk}

Sep 6th 2009 12:05AM

It wouldn't matter, but KG is making a point of letting us all know that her hairstyle is so in demand. She should give it a rest. Normally I could care less, but when it comes to her, wanting everyone to be in awe by everything she does is just too much. She can be admired for having the multiples and all, but WHY does she to try to act like she's such a Trend-Setter w/her hair and now the hats that she's been wearing (only on days when she obviously hasn't yet fixed her hair)You don't see her sporting these hats with a cute ensemble when she's going OUT anywhere. She shops at Target (which is fine,not knocking this company)they have hats like this, but let's not go so far as to call her a Trend-Setter just because she has started wearing the hats. She's not wearing them for style but rather for convenience,just throwing them on because she hasn't done her hair yet!Sorry Kate but we're all unique in our own way, but you are not an 'original' when it comes to hair and fashion.

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