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Family Faces Eviction Over Toddler's Noise {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 1st 2012 9:20PM

Sure, young children tend to be rambunctious and rowdy, but it's up to the parents to calm them down and let them know that it's incredibly thoughtless and rude for neighbors. Unless you've been in the position (and I have) of living next to or under little children who are allowed to cause a raucous all day and all night, then I don't think you can possibly imagine how unbearable it is to live near that. Parents need to teach their children, when they're young, that being THAT disturbing to people isn't right. Unfortunately, 4 noise complaint notices later, they never got the picture.

Lisa Rinna Warns Girls: 'Don't Mess With Your Lips' {PopEater}

Nov 2nd 2010 10:28AM

I remember seeing her before she got all of her work done, and I was shocked. She looked way better before. It's sad when someone like this doesn't see how beautiful they actually are until it's too late.

What Can Justin Bieber Absolutely, Positively Not Stand? {Just So You Know}

Jun 22nd 2010 10:25AM

It looks like I'll be wearing Uggs more often...

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