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Lauren Alaina Sings For Her Mother, Wins Over the Judges on 'American Idol' (Video) {PopEater}

May 25th 2011 2:07AM

Two things missing from the finals -- James and Haley -- which would have been exciting. Instead we got served up boring slop. Scotty has real talent -- but he didn't show it tonight. And Lauren has absolutely no range which is why she blew out a vocal cord. I am quite sure the ratings will show it. Remember there were 95 million votes last week. There will be no where near that number this week.

Scotty McCreery Reaches High in His Quest for the 'American Idol' Title (Video) {PopEater}

May 25th 2011 1:56AM

Two things were missing from tonight's show -- James and Haley. I have nothing against Country music but this show was horrible. It was like the Grand Ol Opry without the fun. I liked Scotty's Gone when he did it before but this one was really dry. Neither one of them have any real effective range which is why Lauren blew out her vocal cord. She doesn't have it. The judges warned Pia about too many ballads -- but what was this thing??? They need to have an AI spin-off -- Country Idol -- this whole show was a one-trick pony.

'American Idol' Reveals Its Top Two: Who Went Home? (Video) {PopEater}

May 20th 2011 2:34AM

Lauren flubbed two songs last night - and they were easy. Haley took on three very difficult songs -- and did an amazing job with two of them. If this had been judged with a degree of difficulty like diving and gymnastics in the Olympics, Haley would still be on. But it isn't. It's judged by how many texts can one send in a limited amount of time. CI (Country Idol) just lost the bulk of their viewers. And you can pin that one on the talentless Jennifer's jealousy. I can bet you after the ratings disaster of next week, she will not be back.

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