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Tennessee Titan Jason Babin Talks Football, Family and Why He's Teaching His Young Sons to Hunt {ParentDish}

Jan 2nd 2011 9:43AM

Hey Howard,
I grew up in the country. In our area, deer overrun the land. Sometimes they have to let each hunter kill two deer to keep the population down. Do you eat meat? Bet you do. Do you know how they are killed? But that is okay, huh?
When I was growing up, we were taught the danger and value of a gun. Mom and dad kept the rifles stacked in a corner of their bedroom with the gun rack holding more rifles and pistols above it. The ammo was in the drawer of the rack. None of us ever went into that room and picked up a gun. Hell, you better kill yourself with it if mom caught you. You would wish you were dead!
I am for all good citizens being allowed and able to own a gun. To respect the danger of it, as well as the value of it. And before anyone starts with the political side of it, no, I am not a Republican.

Brandon Joyce, Former NFL Player, Shot Dead at 26 {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Dec 29th 2010 9:15AM

How is it the government's fault that these young men are choosing to do drugs and kill, when there is money just for them to go to college? Life is about choices, and God gave us free will.

End of the Road: TV Shows That Got Canceled or Retired in 2010 {AOL TV}

Dec 26th 2010 6:34PM

I loved The Gates. Again, left hanging as networks scrap a show without an ending. Makes you not want to start watching a new one. Flash Forward was a really good show. Dropped. No ending.

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