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Try This: Kids and Dating {ParentDish}

Mar 29th 2011 5:54PM

I think it depends on the teen and the circumstances. I have two teenage sons and during middle school and early high school a date may be a few friends going to the movies, or bowling, or to a school event. It is often not very serious.

The bigger the deal the parents make the more forbidden the fruit. My sons are now 15 & 17 have each had a couple of girlfriends. After dating a girl for a WEEK, my fifteen year old said "mom, we start as friends and as soon as we say we are going out - everything gets weird...I would rather just have a bunch of girls as friends, we have more fun." Perfect analysis for his age - and he came up with it on his own!!!! Even better. My 17 year old has had a few girl friends, nothing that lasted more than 3-4 months. But these are good times to teach them etiquette, manners, and thinking of someone else within a relationship. Not that we haven't done that all along, but the rules change a little when they are sure you walk to the door to pick her up/drop her off, greet her parents...that is not always necessary when picking up a guy/friend. It is a learning experience for them and I would rather have them date and have a few relationships when we are still driving them places than have their first experience be extremely serious...when they are on their own.

I have noticed the parents that make extremely tough rules, or forbid their children from doing things often create a situation where their children are not truthful with them or the children are resentful.

Knowing your child and common sense is good. I figure that you never know how or when they meet the person they are destined to be with...I don't want to start a relationship with a future daughter-in-law by having her feel like we forbid our son to see her or don't like her.

Charlie Sheen Scandals Leave 'Two and a Half Men' Fans Unfazed {PopEater}

Feb 9th 2011 8:42PM

The character Sheen plays on TV is very similar to his lifestyle so it is not a big jump for fans to believe he acts like this. Sheen has been seen as a the ultimate bachelor/playboy in other shows too, like Spin City. He is a good looking guy, he is charming, and a likeable character. It would be different if he were in a role where he was playing a role model or giving advice or making money on his clean cut family image...but he is not. I hope he is able to get help for his own sake and the well being of his children.

Michael Vick: 'I Would Love' to Be a Dog Owner Again {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Dec 16th 2010 12:02AM are 100% right...animal abuse is often the first step in a long line of abusive behavior. Trust me, I am not defending him or what he did in any way. I don't believe in it, I wouldn't do it. But...he did serve time, he has been volunteering in a shelter, etc. All I am saying is that when someone abuses their spouse or child...they can be out of jail in a matter of days, they don't have to volunteer in a shelter or hospital and their priviledge to have future relationships or children again is not taken away from them. How many athletes have been in trouble for abuse against women...does the judge tell them they are never able to have a girl friend or wife again? No...they serve a few days or not at all and are on their way to do it again. If Vick didn't serve his time, or did not attempt to make any restitution, or volunteer in the shelter...I would 100% be against him owning a pet again. All I'm saying is that we have to be on the same page...abuse is abuse...people or pets and we need to have similar punishment for both.

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