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Video: Kim Kardashian's Curves Immortalized in Wax {PopEater}

Jul 3rd 2010 6:43AM

Def BS that she got waxed. She's just so damn hot when she doesn't talk.

Waging WAR: An in-depth look at the Producer's Letter {Massively}

Jun 7th 2010 11:42AM

Game is a blast right now. Yall are missin out.

Our talk with Warhammer Online's Carrie Gouskos, part 2 {Massively}

May 20th 2010 6:16PM

I play the game and its great. They keep changing.

With this new city patch RvR has gotten a spark. We even kept order out of our city last night just for the hell of it. Maybe I'll make some you tube demos out of the fraps i've been doing.

Scenarios are by far the most popular and sometimes make the population seem hidden because they are instanced.

However, when RvR lights up its often 300 v 300 and very enjoyable.

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