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Help Lindsay Lohan? Dr. Drew Says He'd Need a Year {PopEater}

Dec 8th 2010 5:12PM

Dr. Drew many many things you do are very wrong for the victims on your show. You also put us 13 million plus in their group. Pain management is real and can be done correctly but you have no idea or clue. I am writting a book about my 12 years of chronic pain from multi spinal cord injuries plus the failed surgeries. You don't even address it nor have the knowledge and most fail in this area so you are not alone. P.A.I.N. Patient Awarness In Narcotics. Yes I made that up. Because I do know.

Hot Seat: Obama's Birth Certificate {Politics Daily}

Jul 24th 2009 3:49PM

this has nothing to do with race. I need my orginal birth certificate to get a passport so why not produce the presidents orginal birth certificate. fair is fair.

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