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TLC Files Lawsuit Against Jon Gosselin {PopEater}

Oct 17th 2009 2:25AM

After reading many of the article regarding this couple and their impending divorce, and now seeing reports that TLC has filed a law suite against Jon, I personally will no longer be tuning my TV to the TLC channel for any reason. The people who run this network are complete and utter low live obviously only concerned with making their almight dollar anyway that the can, even if it includes exploiting little children.

Personally I believe this show should have been cancelled as soon as Kate and Jon decided to divorce. Kate and Jon can obviously speak for themselves, but those 8 children have absolutely no voice in this matter and what is worse they are having their personal tragedy of their parents splitting not only played out on TV but in the tabuloids as well. I can only imagine the damage being done to them at the hands of not only their Parents but by the insistance of TLC to continue the show.

Shame on all of you!!! The channel has now been blocked on my TV and I hope other will do the same. The only thing I see TLC promoting at this point is gossip for ratings at the expense of children. That to me is just short of criminal. Without ratings they can not survive!!!

Bono Earned Obama's Praise by Avoiding Bush's Hug {Spinner}

Jul 24th 2009 4:30PM

Bono is a bonehead in my opinion, having musical talent doesn't mean anyone cares what your political views are it just gives you more media opportunities than most. I won't ,even comment on what I now think about the man who is leading our Country!! Talk about no class whatsoever!! Would love to see him pay more attention to do the job he was hired to do and deliver on the promises he made while running for office, but I doubt highly he ever will. He is far to busy being a Hollywood celebrity, than he is actually leading our nation! It was bad form the first time it happened, to bring up yet again, is just mean spiritedness.. really really sad!!!

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