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Undercover Boss: Great Wolf Resorts' Kimberly Schaefer is Show's First Female CEO {AOL Jobs}

Oct 4th 2010 8:19PM

Although it was a very kind gesture to give the employee a raise and 6 months off along with a promotion, I believe it shows what is wrong with corporate thinking. There are more employees with similar tragedies ans stories that did not have the oppurtunity to meet and tell their stories. Will they be given a raise and promotion also? Did this individual think how other employees morale would be affected by this? Although it was a very kind gesture on her part I personally believe it was wrong. I personally know a employee of Great Wolf who worked 3 jobs to support her family and ill mother and also know a employee who lost her mother, father and brother within 1 year of each other. How do you think these employees feel?

Meet the Texas Longhorns: The Biggest Coward Program in College Football {Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog}

Jun 18th 2010 6:50PM

Well another SEC fan running lip service about how great the almihty SEC is. Granted there are good programs in the SEC but some awful ones to. I guess maybe Iowa would be great in the SEC as their record indicates they have no problem with the SEC or maybe Utah after seeing them dismantle the Tide. Look if you want to start talking coward look no further than the SEC. Start scheduling some quality opponent and maybe the BCS will consider doing as the NFL did and move some bowls to northern states. I would love to see them try and play when its 30 degrees or snowing. There are only 2 great college teams Whitewater and Mt Union ohio. Look at their records

COBRA, unemployment benefits extended for two more months {WalletPop}

Apr 20th 2010 1:50AM

Scott you make some interesting observations and perhaps with some they ring true. You talk about companies not being able to afford more. Perhaps some companies yes but with most look at the bonuses they pay out. How do you pay millions of dollars in bonuses when the company isn't doing anything to give a bonus for. You say that we should have saved for a rainy day well I did but it doesn't take long to go through savings when you have no income coming in. I don't think the majority of us want the government to take care of us. We WANT JOBS. As far as standing on our own 2 feet most of us are. Scott I would like your best guess on how many jobs were sent out of this country and then you say to us get a job. Scott it is very evident you are not one of the people affected by unemployment but if you were you would feel differently. Why don't you take a pen or pencil out and figure $300.00 a week and then figure out a house payment or rent food heat electric and no need to figure health(medical or dental because you can't afford it). So you say we don't see the big picture. I think most see it and want to change it so if you are in a position to offer jobs please let us know. I'm sure you will have a million people offering their services. If you are not in a position to offer employment then why are you offering your wisdom to us. We need jobs not someone telling us we are wanting the government to take care of us. I doubt out of the millions of unemployed they didn't run to the company and say lay me off or yea send my job to another country

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