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Actress Yvette Vickers' Mummified Body Found in Her Home {PopEater}

May 7th 2011 6:54AM

Ted...and you're stunningly handsome, are you? No, I bet you're an ugly little f***er who lives a sad life sat in front of his PC all day. Go outside, meet real people, get a life. ;-)

Bez jailed after assault on ex-girlfriend {Celebrity UK}

Aug 26th 2010 2:43PM

So you believe that everyone who is convicted is actually guilty? I'm sure a large percentage are, but just as some walk free, some are also imprisoned falsely. Methinks you have too much faith in our judicial system. You don't really believe it's infallible? I bet if he'd had proper representation he wouldn't have been convicted - fact is, he's a bit loopy and represented himself. Big mistake. The law isn't interested in whether you did it or not, only if you can PROVE that you did or didn't do it.

Like I say, he may well be guilty, but from first-hand experience I've seen some people get away with all sorts of things and I've also seen people done for something they really didn't do.

Bez jailed after assault on ex-girlfriend {Celebrity UK}

Aug 26th 2010 7:22AM

You're all assuming he's guilty - but what if he's actually innocent and that's why he's making such a fuss? If I was accused of something I hadn't done I wouldn't accept a verdict of 'guilty' either.

So next time you're accused of something you haven't done, just remember your own words and simply accept your fate. Well, that's what you're all saying, isn't it?

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