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Kevin Smith Plans to Ditch Hollywood, Redefine 'Indie' {PopEater}

Jan 26th 2011 4:54PM

"oh, who's Kevin Smith?" lame. 'Who are you' is the real question. Let's just knock a man down for doing something good in an industry full of "jerks" as you like to call him. He's giving nobodys like you a shot to do something other than stink up a thread. And, for the record, he knows he's fat, do your homework. Who's Kevin Smith? He's Kevin Smith. That's who.

Kevin Smith Slams Bruce Willis in Interview {PopEater}

Jan 24th 2011 5:13PM

Dude, Willis has made some pretty turd tastic movies. Hudson Hawk wasn't all that great. Most people don't even know of it. Disney's The Kid?? He's made some pretty bad choices. But Cop Out is not one of them. It is what it is. Smith went out to make an homage movie to the 80s buddy cop movie. And he did just that. If you have a problem with it, go out and make your own Cop Out, then say something.

Jill Sobule Attacks Katy Perry {Spinner}

Aug 13th 2009 2:15AM

k...i lied.. i wrote a lot because i felt like explaining it so you could comprehend. and second.. you must not notice all the things you've said on this little board. and i'm not the only person so say something about your little comments. and i like to explain in full detail about things i don't like. because i'm never at a loss for words. so, i went against my word because if you want to keep this up i can. cuz apparently you have nothing else better to do. so bring it fool. and tell me about assumptions and how KP sucks, and whatever else you know "oh sooo much about" and you're welcome for the laugh. but little do you know.. you're laughin at yourself. have a nice fact filled day.

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