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The Problem With 'Testing' Your Partner {That's Fit Canada}

Apr 15th 2011 5:28AM

Except! There are men who will take the time to pay attention to you...and low and behold! text you during the day sometimes! Thank goodness!
Why does it not surprise me that ``Jen`` is a Toronto girl? Toronto men are quite the specimens, If you like to be treated like dirt. I think women get treated this way over and over and then it starts to get absorbed as 'normal', when in fact they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect- as they should treat their man. Would you continue to spend social time with your female friends if they regularly pulled out their Ipad/iphone/mobile while out with you? I'm sure you wouldn't bother after a while.
Yet, we should just be happy because they showed us off like arm candy and ask us for advice.? There is NO excuse to treat someone poorly- men and women are more alike then they are different. If you give a women cart blanche she too will have the tendency to walk all over you.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Checks Into Mental Health Facility {PopEater}

Apr 13th 2011 9:28PM

She's seeing a shrink because she can't believe he's lasted sooo long! She imagined that she would be luxing on his fortune, without having to sleep with her grandpa, by now! Her ex-boyfriends have said that she was always a very ambitious, materialistic, kind of girl.

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