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In Defense of Farmville -- Why One Addict Won't Be Cowed by Haters {Lemondrop}

Feb 25th 2010 4:16AM

Really? You actually believe one click is equivalent to "jumping through hoops?" Spoken like someone who has never actually had to do anything to get anything.
Childish arrogance masquerading as laziness. Neither is very impressive as a character trait.
I can't stand Farmville. Guess what I did? I didn't spend my life bitching about it. I just went "click" and no more problem. No hoops, either.
Grow up (or would that just seem like more hoops to you?)

Unpopular post of the day: Modern Family is overrated {AOL TV}

Nov 8th 2009 4:10PM

Contrived? Really? This is not a documentary. It is harmless entertainment. It isn't real and it isn't supposed to be. Two shows you laud, Arrested Developement and The Office, have yet to draw a single laugh from me, in spite of the repeated opportunitites I have given both. The style of these shows, which you clearly admire, is what is contrived. As contrived as "reality T.V."
Let me clue you in on something you clearly don't know. All fiction is contrived. That is why they call it fiction. While we are on the subject, I have yet to read anything in your blog that is any more original than what I can read on the blogs of countless drones who don't get paid to do what you try to do.

Video Interview: Stephen King on 'Under the Dome' {PopEater}

Oct 29th 2009 4:30PM

Sharrie: With all due respect, real people don't say things like, "gosh-darnit! That unpleasant woman killed my baby!' King writes as he always has, with dialogue that rings true. If this type of language offends you, there are plenty of books out there with characters who never face anything that would bring a real, visceral, emotional outburst. Just like changing the channel on the T.V. you have done the right thing to seek out more pastoral reading material. Please don't condemn an excellent author just because all of his characters weren't raised in church.

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