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Public Pools Closing Across Country As Cities Struggle With Budget Cuts {BV Black Spin}

Jun 1st 2011 1:22AM

Oh how right you are.. everybody wants freebies but nobody wants to work at all.. an it sickens me and alot of other people who would like to scream out loud.. Get up off you A..and go get a job and pay for a small pool for your family.. its bad enough they live off the goverment to feed the children they have each year but now they want a pool too.?? what next a new car??? I*ve had it with them all..

Second-Story Cats - Tips for Countertop Cruising Cats {Pawnation OLD}

May 26th 2011 12:34AM

For some reason I just cant get into likeing cats at all mostly because I skeive the fact that they walk all over a kitchen counter where foor is prepared.. and to think that they might have just gotten out of their kitty litter box.. YUK.. also the sound that they make when a fur ball is about to surface.. it makes me want to throw up.. no no no cats are not for me.. give me a sweet little doggie to love and to cherish who when you say sit... he sits or when you say get down off the counter he gets down.. I would never harm a cat at all but I would never ever get one at all either..

Pal: Miley Is Steaming Mad About Billy Ray's Betrayal {PopEater}

Feb 18th 2011 8:38AM

Yes its true that Miley is all grown up now but it doesn*t take away the fact that shes been doing things that are not right and in the eyes of her little girl followers its down right digusting.. We have lost all respect for her .. No one says she has to be an angel but shes taken a 180 and no one wants there child to emulate her at all anymore.. you just grew up way too fast Miley and forgot where your roots were.. no we call you white trash..

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