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Neil Patrick Harris 'Stoked' to Host 2011 Tony Awards {PopEater}

May 10th 2011 3:41PM

Broadway is a very special place, filled with very special people...people who can sing, and dance....often at the same time! NPH certainly fits the bill! The Tony Awards is the penultimate showcase of true entertainment CGI, no editing, just raw acting and singing prowess. Congrats to NPH for landing the gig!

Win an exclusive Wizarding World of Harry Potter magic wand! {Gadling}

Jun 18th 2010 9:53PM

I have been an HP fan from day one! I am approximately 90% done reading the series...again, haha...and a Replica of the famed Holly with a Phoenix Feather core would truly make me feel as if someone charmed me with "Wingardium Leviosa!"

Man Endures 30 Chick Flicks in 30 Days {Asylum}

Feb 17th 2010 3:12PM

you "people" who say he will turn gay by watching these kinds of movies are such a joke! Could it possibly be that all he wants to do is expand his understanding of what (some) women enjoy?? His wife (of 7 years) was excited by the idea of him wanting to experience and possibly learn something that she obviously likes. no woman would object to their husband wanting to be more involved in what they enjoy; and for the "men" who say he's gay or a pansie for watching chick flicks...stop being such closed-minded neanderthals (..that means "cave-man") and stop worrying so much about other peoples machismo and be a little more confident in your own, at least he has the courage and initiative to try to look at another side of life.

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