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Cache Of Severed Hands Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Palace {Gadling}

Aug 13th 2012 4:18PM

Just to put things in their correct order, Judaism came first thin Christianity and then Islam.

Aaron Carter Says Michael Jackson Gave Him Cocaine {PopEater}

Jul 1st 2011 1:02AM

Well, let me get this straight, his mother speaks about this in 2004? Then why was it nor brought up at his trial. Snedden included everything he could think of in to trying to convict Michael Jackson of anything.I guess the FBI missed this tidbit too.

Randy Jackson Angry With Parents Katherine and Joe Over Upcoming Oprah Interview {BV Black Spin}

Nov 9th 2010 2:12PM

I agree with David, it seems to me that the majority of the negative things that she does she gets someone black to represent that negative. And as for Randy just because he may not be successful does not mean that his opinion should not be valued. He is absolutely right about his parents. I think Oprah took advantage of an elderly grieving mother to get her to say things that Oprah felt that Michael lied about on her program that she did with him when he was alive. And as for the drugs, no offense to his mother but it may have been true at one time but as far as the autopsy report it was not shown that he was addicted to anything, the narcotic levels in his body were below therapeutic levels. The only drug that was in a high concentration was Diprivan. But I doubt that the great O. even bothered to read it. And Diprivan has not been proven to be addictive. And also just because someone takes pain killers does not mean they are addicted to them. And as for abuse of children how many shows can she possibly do on that same subject.It is not like the shows are going to stop it the from ever happening again!
And also if she was a fair and impartial reporter of news and info why did she not have Michael on while he was alive after he was found not guilty, or why does she not bring up the fact that the FBI did not find anything either after following him for over ten years. Granted Michael probably would not have gone on after Oprah and Lisa Marie Presley bashed him on her show during the trial

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