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Mar 29th 2011 2:52PM


Favorite Holiday Stories {Shopping Articles Blog}

Dec 19th 2009 1:28PM

I love all these books, but my family's favorite holiday story is unpublished (until now).

One Christmas Eve in the early sixties, the ground was covered with snow, our tree was decorated and lit, and we were breathlessly waiting for Christmas morning.

We heard singing outside and opened the front door to see Christmas carolers had formed a semi-circle around the bottom of our front porch. We enjoyed listening to their carols for a few minutes, but noticed after a while that some of had started laughing and breaking up. We puzzled about what was going on until one of them pointed at the picture window by the door.

We looked over to see what she was pointing at and discovered that my two-year old brother had climbed up on the window sill and was enjoying the carolers just like us. Except he was STARK NAKED. He had pulled his shirt and diaper off for some reason that was beyond our fathom.

My mom's face turned bright, and she ran over an jerked him out of the window quicker than Santa can go up a chimney. We were embarassed and at the same time laughed right along with the carolers.

Retelling this story has become a Davis family tradition every Christmas, and we hope it will go on for generations.

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