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Hard Rock Cafe in Minimum Wage Class Action Suit {AOL Jobs}

Jan 20th 2011 11:35AM

The problem here that most people do not understand is that 1) Florida is a right to work state (in other words if you come in 1 day and the boss is in a bad mood he/she can fire you you have NO RECOURSE end of statement!) 2) MOST of Florida's income is based on prople coming in on vacation - problem here is that in a lot of countries and South America people DO NOT TIP. WHY? They are not being rude. It is because the tip is already figured into their meal in their coutry and they do not know that we tip for good service in this country..that simple.
Florida and their "amusement parks" set a trend that has been followed through out the state now in the service industry. I don't agree with it having been an Executive Chef all over the world for over 25 years. But if you want to work in Florida you shut up and put up and that is how it is.

NOW Sues Hooters {Lemondrop}

Dec 22nd 2010 9:56AM

AND YOU WONDER WHY I MOVED FROM CALIFORNIA? Maybe we should NOW throw the women down the people hole covers (formerly known as man covers to the rest of the county) and everyone that loves HOOTERS across the country all flush at once! Better yet NOW if you don't like what is going on in HOOTERS you have the freedom of choice (which I as a disabled veteran fought for you to have) to just NOT VISIT THAT ESTABLISHMENT - but one thing you don't have is the right to tell others what or how to live their lives. If you wish to do that I understand there are South American Countries (Mr. Chavez comes to mind) you would be welcome in.

Aretha Franklin Released From Hospital Under Cloud of Mystery {BV Newswire}

Nov 5th 2010 2:05PM

Aretha Franklin is 1 of the greatest the ever has been - fat- skinny - black - white - yellow - tall - short - American - or European! To me as a red neck middle aged guy she put the fun in soul and the her soul in music. So all you haters out there get over yourselves - look at the LADIES HEART AND SOUL and quit looking at the outside. I can't believe that there is a 1 of you that has not heard her music and not enjoyed it at 1 time or another for just a moment.....Aretha hope you feel better soon or just retire and enjoy life as much as the world has enjoyed you. Thank You

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