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Thailand is 'in network'? Employers and insurers embrace medical tourism {DailyFinance}

Nov 30th 2009 9:23AM

Im glad to see some real reporting for a change and not which celeb got botox. I have health insurance and i see my bills comming through all the time where the hospitals double charged a procedure to my health insurance company. Its pretty sad when people get treated better out of our own country. Oh and to the people who say were the richest country im sad to say we are the most indebt country, i mean china owns half of our debt now that is sad that we have to rely on other countrys to keep up aflot but then all we do is say bad things about them its funny.

Twenty Years Ago, One Hit Changed Two Lives Forever {Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog}

Oct 30th 2009 9:26AM

Finally aol actually puts up a good story. Not the crap about what celebrities are wearing this week. This actually touches people, at least it did me. U need to run more stories like this.

David Letterman Apologizes To His Wife: 'I Got My Work Cut Out for Me' {PopEater}

Oct 6th 2009 9:56AM

i like how all u hillbillys are like so discusted with him for having consening sex with a woman oh my god, a star have consenting sex that is crazy......but i guess all u hillbillys think its ok to bang ur sister lol....wake up if u in showbiz u have alot of women throwing themselves at u and who wouldnt take it... And life goes on no matter what he still has a job to do and that is make people laugh even at his own expense.

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