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Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Jennifer Hudson Drama: 'Everybody Was Mad' {PopEater}

May 9th 2011 9:17AM

Ms. Hudson has all the personality of a dish rag and Oprah does not need her. What has she turned out besides the soundtrack "Dream Girls" that has done worth a crap!
Get over yourself Jennifer.....

Report: Hugh Hefner Won't Make Crystal Harris Sign a Prenup {PopEater}

Apr 4th 2011 9:26AM

If she is any kind of "non gold digging" woman, she would sign a prenup without being asked! I am sure she will have more than she will know what to do with anyway.

On Learning to Love Oprah's BFF, Gayle King {PopEater}

Mar 24th 2011 12:49PM

Until recently I really had not seen Gayle King on anything, but after seeing her on a couple of things, I love her! I can clearly see why Oprah adores her, she is charming, funny, intelligent and confident in who SHE is and she seems to be the kind of friend we would all want to have through the years. I think all the haters out there are just jelous. Open your minds and your hearts and maybe you can have a friend like that or be one!!

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