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'The Devil Wears Prada' Star Emily Blunt: How I Beat My Stutter {PopEater}

Jun 9th 2010 6:05AM

I stuttered as a child, as did my brother; both grew out of it for the most part. My paternal aunt, who is now if her fifties stutters on the majority of the words that she speaks. As fate would have it, my boyfriend, who happens to be a teacher, stutters. NOTE: stuttering is not an effect of bad parenting, stuttering does not define ones intellectual abilities, stuttering is not necessarily caused by speaking to fast or being nervous, so there's no need tell stutterers to "slow down" or "calm down"

The Birth Control Nobody's Heard Of -- Is the IUD Right for You? {Lemondrop}

Apr 15th 2010 10:15PM

After I expressed my interest in the copper IUD in an earlier post, I ran the idea by my mother. Turns out she had one back in the 70's, and my older sister happened to be the mistake the IUD was to prevent- go figure. Then she referred me to that same sister who is a nurse, to ask her input. My sister had an IUD placed 3 months after having her fourth child. Three months into it, she began experiencing severe pain, stood up out of the car after running errands one day to notice she was sitting in a pool of blood. She was taken to the hospital got checked out and cleaned up, then the news came- She was pregnant and the baby was growing outside of her tubes and had to be hospitalized as they terminate the baby, which was not developing properly and remove the IUD. All that to say, while I was once interested and excited, now its safe to say I'm terrified! My appt is on Tuesday.....................

The Birth Control Nobody's Heard Of -- Is the IUD Right for You? {Lemondrop}

Apr 14th 2010 2:35PM

I became interested in the IUD last year; I don't have children and have no desire for children in the future, so I wanted a semi-permanent birth-control method that I don't have to think about daily. Initially, my OB/GYN ( a male- so I was skeptical of his understanding) discouraged me from getting an IUD, swearing by the effectiveness of birth-control pills. I'm currently taking ortho-tricyclen and after a thorough assessment, I've determined that my weight gain of 4 sizes in the past year and increasing anxiety/ mood swings is associated with the birth-control. Yesterday, six month after I initially brought up the topic, I presented to his office ready to plead my case for a copper IUD. The visit was shockingly easier than the first. He was very supportive and suggested that I reschedule an appointment for insertion toward the end of my menstrual cycle, for the cervix tends to be a bit more stretched out during that time. I must say, while I do think about the pain associated with the insertion, I am quite excited about ridding my body of the extra hormones.

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