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Miley Cyrus Doesn't 'Believe' in 'Twilight' {PopEater}

Nov 18th 2009 9:32AM

That may be true tired-of-...but what I'm sayin is thats her choice I'm not a fan again thats my choice, however I'm NOT a Hater and I'm sure your neither.

Miley Cyrus Doesn't 'Believe' in 'Twilight' {PopEater}

Nov 18th 2009 9:07AM

I am HAPPY 4 u MILEY, finally somebody in the media circus who doesn't follow after the trends and the subtlety of this culture..its her chose as an example to other young women not to follow it up, I celebrate those who will not throw themselves in the fire..stay the course young people all that glitters is'nt really what it is.

Oprah Gets an Earful From Robin Givens Over Tyson 'Sock' Interview {PopEater}

Nov 14th 2009 12:31PM

Somebody is lookin for attentention...whats done is done,and we thought she moved on away with her life..unless she's lookin for more money.Everyone knows she has her ways too.Truth be told no man should'nt be hitting on women.

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