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Could Racism be the Problem? {Politics Daily}

Sep 8th 2009 12:36AM

Do now want their children spoken directly to by a black man? Hmmm well lets get real, he is half black and that other half happens to be white. Raised by his white mother and grandparents, so uh no Bonnie, perhaps you are wrong. This is not about race though some people so desperately want to make it that way.

Kate Gosselin Will Guest-Host 'The View' {PopEater}

Aug 27th 2009 7:06AM

Ok then do not watch her if you do not like her. I LOVE the BASHING of Kate but gee no mention of Jon being a media whore, yet it was he yachting with his wife's plastic surgeons daughter at the same time also screwing around with a trash mag reporter. Amazing that you people are so one side and well pathetic haters. More power to you Kate!

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