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Michelle Duggar Delivers Baby 19 Via Emergency C-Section {ParentDish}

Dec 11th 2009 2:32PM

I have never read such ignorant comments before. The Duggar Family can support their children. They do NOT receive any financial help from the Government. I'm sure some of you posters received WIC while you were pregnant or after having the baby. How would you feel if someone told you since you can't afford to eat properly or afford your baby's formula then you shouldn't be having children? GROW UP! Mind your own business.

Watch: Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 'View' of Her Nipple Slip {PopEater}

Oct 19th 2009 5:41PM

Ummmm has anyone told you that YOU are annoying? Your post is all over the place, your grammer is horrible, and it sounds like YOU have a 6th grade education.

Desert Storm Pen Pals Meet, Marry Almost 20 Years Later {Lemondrop}

Aug 11th 2009 11:02PM

Oh that's right...this is the internet. Everyone using the internet is who they say they are. Get a life...leave these people alone.

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