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Megan Fox Says She Prefers Kissing Girls {PopEater}

Aug 28th 2009 12:12PM

Why does everyone see fit to judge without really knowing. It is a sick thing in this society. Only God knows and it is quite apparent that all these people who speak for God are the misguided ones. Spewing out cruel judgements towards this woman who very well may be speaking her own personal truth, is that God like, kind or moral? I think not. She has a freedom of speech and a right to be whomever and however she is. If you dont like it, dont listen. All beings should remember the golden rule. "If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all." How would you like to be judged without all the facts? Perhaps, she is just sharing her opinion & is an open, free person. Everyone is different and unique unto themselves. Just because someone is different than you doesnt mean you have to cast stones of judgement. Come on people. Leave her alone. Engage your energies in something more postive and powerful than slander.

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