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Mel Gibson Tapes Have Been Edited, Expert Says {PopEater}

Jul 16th 2010 12:30AM

if mel's ex is as scared as she claims,why is she so calm on the tapes,even going as far as baiting him by saying he's a lousy father.sounds a lil like she knew he'd be raving and wanted to get him like that,cause where you or i see a tape recorder she saw a check book. listen to the tapes again without bias she's scary calm......thats not scared.

Dave Letterman Mauls Jay Leno, NBC; 'Don't Blame Conan!' He Pleads {PopEater}

Jan 21st 2010 10:52PM

you are an idiot,letterman hasnt had bad press in some time,and is a better man then you and leno put together.remember leno's the one who airs bit's hes stolen from letterman,among many other's,hes a hack,only as funny as his writers and waaaay played out,get a clue and check out late night ch.2 with fergusion maybe youll find out what funny really is,dumb a**

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