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Charlie Sheen 'Proud' of Last Drug Binge: 'What's Not to Love?' {PopEater}

Feb 28th 2011 7:20PM

Wow. This reminds me of the self-aggrandizing rants that Charles Manson used to go off on during interviews. Very sad.

Inside Courteney Cox and David Arquette's Split {PopEater}

Oct 13th 2010 3:05PM

His language wasn't crude, though your language is.
He told the truth, and frankly, I think he was generous towards his wife.
It's obvious that she is cheating, and now he can't do anything right in her eyes.
I for one find it refreshing to hear a celeb not spin, and just be direct. More power to him.

Nice Timing! David Schwimmer Secretly Married {PopEater}

Oct 12th 2010 4:23PM

Hahahahahahahaaha. Hahahahahahaha. Ha.
You're kidding, right?

She wants his money and will have a baby to secure the deal.
He wants a baby and to be able to say he was married.
Divorce in 2 years, tops.
Then she'll marry someone attractive who is her own age,
and he will "date."

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