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Ad Rant: The new Sun-Maid Girl's raisins are growing {WalletPop}

Dec 3rd 2009 9:50AM

wow, the sun-maid's "raisins" are looking more like melons, lol.

Out of Prison, Out of a Job, Out of Luck {AOL Jobs}

Nov 13th 2009 6:55PM

personally, i say he served his time,and he's gotta right to get a reasonable full time job,and it seems like he's being honest about it cause he doesn't say he lies about it. i know the economy is bad, but this guy's got the right to get a full time job. at least to be able to live well,and try to payoff child support debt. also the last thing we want is a guy how got out of jail to just give up,and go back to jail for what got him in jail the 1st place. if nothing else better someone like him being paid to do some honest work than going back to making money illegally. better him being a tax paying citizen than an inmate who we've to use our tax dollars to care for.

Are Black Congresspeople Being Blacklisted? {BV Black Spin}

Nov 7th 2009 7:01PM

okay if you want to go there about black people who commit crimes. then what about all the wihtei peopel who commit crimes,and they blame either a sucky childhood, or cause they're not sane. whites make up all kind of excuses to get out of taking repsonsibility for crimes they commit. at least you don't hhardly hear about black people being cerial killers, child molesters.

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