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Free housing deals for Salvation Army officers create image problem {WalletPop}

Jan 6th 2010 9:46AM

I have a humongous problem with Salvation Army. For over 20 years I gave thousands of dollars to them. Then one year, I was diagnosed with a heart ailment. My daughter and her 3 children were living with me and we had ZERO income, cause her ass of a husband would not send child support. I went to the salvation army, I stood in a long line for 2 hours, where people were talking about coming every other day and getting groceries. I thought yay, we will eat till I can get back on my feet. I sat with the income person and told them all I needed was groceries to feed 5 people for a few days till I could get back to work. I even offered to sign a paper to pay it back, because charity did not sit well on my tongue.

I went back to wait. I was called back along with the lady in front of me who told me she only had 1 16 year old child. She had a basket with 4 bags of groceries. I had a basket with 2. In my bag, there was a 3 pound bag of almonds, we had small children who could not eat them and I was allergic. There was a bar of soap. There was 2 toothbrushes. One can of pork. 2 packages of Ramen. 1 bag of egg noodles. 1 can tomatoes and 1 box of macaroni and cheese. For 5 people. I took it because it was food. I fed the 2 packages of Ramen to my 3 grandchildren and made some round about pasta with the other stuff.

However, I learned something about charity that day. There are people who know how to work the system and they get the stuff and sell it to buy drugs etc and then there are real people who really need help for just a short time and they have given and will give again, who because they have not spent a lifetime bilking the system are not considered worthy.

So for all you people giving to people like the Salvation Army, hold that money and give it to local churches with pantries, because that was who helped us. I had a knock on the door and there were 10 bags of groceries there and no one was standing there. I did learn it was the local church.

Now believe me I miss getting fifty dollars in ones and giving them all to the different firemen holding a boot at each intersection but Salvatiuon Army offers no salvation.

Everybody Loves Jeff Dunham -- Or Do They? {Inside TV Blog}

Nov 5th 2009 11:08AM

I have an idea take your little magic fingers and push the little button that says power and turn him off. Ya know you never read about some of the most offensive pilitically incorrect people in the world. The rappers and black comics that use the n word as every other word, make fun of 'rednecks', 'southerners' and 'crackers'. So here is what I have to say cannot stand the fire get the butt away from the kitchen or try to be a midwest multinational non denominational idiot cause in the words of the cable guys "that's funny I don't care who ya are, that's funny."

Kanye Being Kanye: Rapper Interrupts Taylor Swift's VMAs Win {PopEater}

Sep 14th 2009 9:31AM

I am writing about the M T V video awards when Kanya West literally pulled the mike out of the young woman’s hand. Basically saying Taylor was ok but Beyounce did the best video no doubt.

It is my personal belief, this man is out of order and out of his mind and should he keep it up and I think we should find a way to send him to Germany, Korea, or France. All three are used to dealing with little dudes who think they are all that in Hitler, Bonaparte, and Kim.

His oh so blackness, and shorn crop circles on his head does not make him a gypsy fortune teller. He thinks he is the be all, see all, need all, everything to the music business, but we have just found his apparent delusions of grandeur. Maybe he is off due to his grief. But it seems he should fall back and regroup and get it back together and Then maybe come back after he learns to think before he speak.

It is fine to have an opinion but to get up on stage and upset the award show and so on is just poor taste. I believe he should be banned from these things since this is NOT his first time of doing this very same thing.

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