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David Arquette: I Had My First Beer at Age 4 {PopEater}

Feb 24th 2011 12:18AM

One look says it all, Jack Black's wife does not look too happy at the game, but know how you feel, I'm not too much into basketball either.

'Toddlers & Tiaras' Mom Talks Dressing Her Child, 3, in Makeup and Cone Bras {ParentDish}

Jan 13th 2011 3:19PM

Oh yes I used to put my daughter in beauty pagents, and I told my daughter if she did well she would get a new barbie doll, and it worked , she did well. She sang on stage, wore costumes and got used to being around people, audiences and gained confidence, but after a whiled grew tired of it. Luckily, she was also smart and now is a lawyer, but I don't see her as much as I would like. I sometimes wonder if I did right, maybe I should have raised her to be a wife and mother, because I'm not sure if I wil ever be a grandmother. So hey, if you don't want to see your daughter very much, just put her in pageants

The Hatch-Palucks, Week 6: I Don't Look 47, Do I? {ParentDish}

Nov 22nd 2010 12:40PM

Buncha junk, I think my doctor even turns up the scale so you weigh more, it's so funny when you come home and you always weigh less on your own scale at home. They use all sorts of tricks so you buy weight loss products because your'e suddenly going to die from being 5 to 10 pounds overwight, According to THEM.. Don't worry about it and enjoy your life, 140 to 150 pounds sounds like a good weight to me...

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