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Lil Mama, VMAs Second Stage Crasher {PopEater}

Sep 14th 2009 9:34AM

i think kanye was a jerk for doing that to taylor. I mean yea beyonce has the best music videos but taylors were awesome 2. how could you b so dissrespectful to sumone like that. if some one did that to him he would go off on them. he was such a B**** then. Beyonce did a good thing for letting taylor finish her award speech. she is so sweet. Both beyonce and taylor deserved it. If kanye got any awards i hope her didnt btw if he did good for him i hope next award show someone does that to. Im sorry if im bein mean Mr. West but i had to say something about it. im sure you felt sorry for what you did and i iknow oyu had to say something but at least wait till it was your turn to accept an award or wait till she was done. like Damn. Lady gaga was a HOT MESS!!!!!!!!! Beyonce did ha thang up dere. WEll im off leave a comment ite PEACE!!!!

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